CBT (Cock and ball torture) can be an intimidating topic. Just say the term out loud and watch the men around you clench their legs together! For the people eager to lovingly deliver genital torment, there is a concern to make sure that the “boy parts” will function after delving into this style of play. Set your mind at ease because Ivory Mistress Jae is here to share her love of CBT with a friendly yet crushingly intense introductory class!

This program is designed for CBT beginners, although more advanced players are always welcome. Ivory Mistress Jae will cover basic safety information and get you started with hands on techniques. Not to worry if you don’t have a collection of CBT toys, as you will learn how to use your hands and other body parts to torment those boys into moaning and groaning all night. She will also show you how to turn common household items into implements of cock and ball torture! The psychological aspects of CBT will also be covered to give you a well-rounded approach to this smashingly devious form of play.

Requisiti per partecipare: Nessuno

Cosa portare: Shoelaces or similar size length of rope, household items such as silverware, clothespins, hardcover book.


Relatore: Ivory Mistress Jae
TemaBody torture
Livello: Per tutti
Tipologia: Dimostrazione