Become a Volunteer


Become part of the team of Volunteers and you’ll have the chance to have a first row seat at a unique event in Europe, get in touch with tens of people from all over the world that share your own passions and have a chance to choose how to spend your time among tens of workshops and two play parties!

The Conference Volunteer ticket costs only 45 Euro. Included with the access to the Conference, you’ll receive an exclusive staff-only Conference T-shirt and the free AKA membership (if you are not already a member). Take advantage of this offer now because it won’t be available for everyone.

Click here and register now as a Volunteer for the Rome BDSM Conference 2018.

With only 15 Euro per day, you’ll become part of the Staff and we only ask you to devote a total of just 12 hours of your time during the days of the Conference. Right, ONLY JUST ABOUT 4 HOURS PER DAY! You might help us in various ways, according to your interests and skills. Almost all the Volunteer in the past Conference editions had the chance to follow the workshop they were most interested into and they had fun during the night parties.

quote_01_engPartecipating as a Volunteer is not a sacrifice, it’s a great opportunity!

The opportunity of interacting with other people just like you, sharing observations and points of view; the opportunity of learning from experts from all over the world at a price that no other event can offer; the opportunity to attend the workshops you like and even become active part as a demo bottom or a translator; and most of all, the opportunity to be part of a Community that works together.

Infact, during the Conference, you’ll be a point of reference for all the other italian and international attendees and you’ll help the Organizators in creating an uparalleled experience working in a young and motivated team.

What are you wating for? Fill out the Volunteer application form.

With just 45 Euro you’ll enter the Rome BDSM Conference not just like a spectator!



Partecipating is simple:

  • Fill out the application form. This way your partecipation will cost you only 45 Euro.
  • With the registration you’ll commit to serve for 12 hours during the Conference and, in case of emergency for a maximum of 4 more hours, in order to cover one or more of the roles you’ll pick among setting up/tearing down, welcome/help desk, driver, front office, medical area, sales, personal assistants, translation, demo bottom, dungeon service.
  • We’ll evaluate your application and, in the following weeks, we’ll give you a confirmation via email.
  • We’ll try our best to organize the shifts so that you will be able to attend the workshops you like most.
  • When you come to the Conference bring your ID and become part of the Volunteers’ crew.

Remember: the success of the Conference depends also on your commitment and cooperation!

If you apply as a Volunteer and then you find out you can’t keep up with your commitment, you can cancel your application before Januray 21st 2018. You will be able to use the Volunteer ticket as an account for the purchase of a full ticket. Since we still thank you for your support, you will be able to purchase the full ticket at the price in effect at the time of your application.

  • Volunteers who apply within October 31st 2016 and then chance their mind can convert, before January 21st 2018, their ticket  to a regular full ticket by paying only 55Euro in difference.
  • Volunteers that apply after October 31st 2016, will be allowed to convert their ticket into a regular full ticket within January 21st 2018, paying 95 Euro in difference
  • After January 21st 2016, it won’t be possible to convert any Volunteer ticket into a regular full ticket.
  • If you don’t show up at the Conference you will not receive any refund and you might not be allowed to be a Volunteer in the future.

Professionality and respect of  the commitment are our fetish.


Demo Bottom

It is required some experience with the most common BDSM practices. Volunteers that want to cooperate as Demo Bottoms will have to indicate preferred BDSM activities and the level of experience for each of them, so that we will put them in touch with one or more Presenter. They have to be able to establish a contact with the Presenter(s) beforehand to discuss the details of the classes. It is preferred some knowledge of english and a disponibily to work with Presenters of any sex. They should be able to provide some references of their experience as bottoms for the practices they choose.


It’s required a good knowledge of english and italian languages, expecially spoken. Translators will have to assist the foreigner Presenters translating their classes in Italian and -eventually- Italian Presenters, translating their classes in English. The translators will commit to keep the traslation as close to the original version as possible.

Medical area

Preferable experience includes a medical background (EMT, paramedic, nurse, doctor, etc), knowledge of basic first aid, CPR. Individuals in this position will be expected to maintain incident reports.

Dungeon Service

Preferable experience includes knowledge of basic first aidCPR, and knowledge of generally accepted BDSM safety. Volunteers who operate as Dungeon Service are requested to check on the equipment and their correct use and hygene, as well as to keep the whole dungeon clean and in order during the parties and last, but not least, to enforce the respect of the Conference rules, expecially those regarding the the privacy and consent. It’s not required to assist during each session, but it’s expected to assist anyone in a danger or emergency. Experience with more extreme types of play and rope suspension is highly desired. This position requires experience sufficient to understand if/when to intervene in a situation, a diplomatic personality and the ability to monitor a situation without being intrusive


Preferable experience includes administrative support or office management. Registration volunteers will check in attendees, distribute conference information, and serve as a point of contact for attendee queries. Skills required are kindness, attention to detail and the ability to solve problems under pressure while remaining calm and pleasant. Handling chaos with grace and diplomacy and thinking on your feet is very important in this position.


These volunteers will assist the Logistic Coordinators and other RBC staff with a variety of duties. Responsibilities will include resetting of play space and classrooms, assembling equipment, assisting attendees, running errands and other duties as assigned. Applicants should be able to lift 20kg comfortably and stand for long periods of time.

Sales staff

Preferable experience includes a background in retail or any other occupation involving cash handling and customer service. These volunteers will be responsible for managing inventory and cash handling at the RBC merchandise table.

Personal assistant

These volunteers will be assigned to senior staff to help with whatever comes up during the event. Volunteers in this role will serve as gofers, messengers, and extra pairs of hands. There may be a lot of running around and there may be a lot of standing and waiting around for something to do. You must be comfortable in either situation. Preferred qualifications are excellent communication skills, the ability to focus with great attention to detail,the ability to lift 15-20kg regularly, and the ability to stand and walk for long periods of time.


Did you pick the role you like most? Then apply now as a Volunteer and come on board!