Conference rules

The Conference has some simple rules that both Participants and staff must follow in order to make the event as pleasant and safe as possible.


  • The Conference wants to be an environment where it’s possible to share experiences and knowledge about the world of BDSM and sexuality, without distinctions or discriminations regarding gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion or political inclination.
  • The Conference wants to be a place where are taught not only technical aspects of the individual practices, but also the pride and responsibility that comes with being part of a Community.
  • The Conference condemns physical or psychological violence, as well as abuse and consent violation. It promotes a sexuality that is informed and respectful of itself and of others and believes that the fastest means to reach those goals are information, prevention and education. Punishment is considered only as the last resort to avoid a larger number of victims.
  • All the Partecipants to the Conference, be them Organizators, Presenters, Collaborators or simply Partecipants, are required to keep an open attitude towards others, accepting the different views and opinions and keeping a non-conflictual and non-competitive attitude.
  • The Organization of the Conference wants to create a safe environment where anyone, regardless his experience, may expose himself by making questions or experiencing new things, without the risk of being judged or mocked.
  • All the Organizators, Presenters and Collaborators are committed to respect those rules in first person and make sure other respect them too.


  • Personal responsibility. The Organizers and the AKA Association are committed to allow the exchange of knowledge between responsible and correct individuals, but cannot act as guarantor for anyone, not even for the Speakers themselves or Volunteers.
    We therefore encourage all Participants to keep an open mind but not to assume that the high experience (real or supposed) in a given field of any person corresponds to an equally high personal safety, ethics and integrity just because he is a Speaker or a Volunteer or even another Participant of the Conference. Similarly, all the equipment was manufactured and assembled with care, but that does not mean that their misuse or unknown factors might not lead to breakage or malfunction. We invite everyone to carefully evaluate the people you want to learn from or the ones you want to start a scene of any type with, as well as the environment and the equipment that you will use. The participation in the Conference and the decision to use the equipment or start a practice with any other person must be a voluntary choice and everybody has to be aware of the possible risks. The Organization and the AKA Association shall not be considered directly responsible for any accidents.
  • All activities must be consensual, both inside and outside playing areas, both in actions and language. The definition of consent is determined by the Organization as follow: the voluntary agreement or permission of an adult with sound mental capacity that is not under duress and has knowledge or awareness.
    In other words: you can touch only after receiving permission. All Participants are encouraged to report all violations of consent to the Organizers.
  • Violence / abuse. Any abusive or violent behavior (physical and psychological) that takes place within the area of the Conference must be reported to the Organisers and may be punished with the immediate expulsion from the Event. In case of incidents occurred outside of these spaces (eg. Restaurant, lobby, public areas, private rooms of the hotel) will be given maximum support to the victims according to their needs and requests. Any decision to press charges against the perpetrators of violence or abuse will be supported by the Organization with the means at its disposal.
  • Number of Participants in workshops. In the case, for logistic or technical reasons, a Presenter sets a maximum limit to the number of Partecipants to his workshop, the entrance will be guaranteed on show up chronological basis, with no possibility of booking beforehand. On reaching the maximum number of Partecipants, it will no longer be allowed entry to other Participants. If the Presenter agrees, more Partecipants might be allowed as mere “auditors” until the maximum capacity of the classroom. The number of Partecipants will be eventually listed on our website together with the class description.
  • Event registration. All Participants must be 18 years old as by March 3rd, 2016, and must provide a valid ID to verify their age. Participants who bought the ticket ABROAD, are obliged to show a proof of travel compatible with the dates of the Conference.
  • Wristbands and badges. Wristbands must be worn at all times. Having them in your pocket or purse is not enough. Participants without a bracelet will be removed from the Event. If your bracelet is ruined and want to replace it, head to the Registration desk bringing the old bracelet. In case of loss of the bracelet, you will not be allowed to enter the premises of the Conference. The badges help people know each other, so we invite you to keep them at neck in a visible manner.
  • Workshop levels. The level of classes, (for all, intermediate, advanced) indicated in the charts is merely indicative. Each Presenter will include, if necessary, in the description of his workshop more details on requirements and individual skills for participation. A Presenter may ask a Participant to leave the class or simply be an auditor, if that person is not considered sufficiently prepared for the level of the class. To verify whether your level of preparation is sufficient, you can contact the Secretary or the Speaker directly before the Conference or, if possible, talk to him privately before the begininng of the workshkop.
  • Exclusion from a workshop. During a workshop, a Speaker can ask a Participant to leave the lesson or not join it, if it deems necessary in its sole discretion. For example, some reasons -not exhaustive- can be:
    • The Presenter has reasonable grounds to believe the Participant is not emotionally or temperamentally suited to the type of lesson
    • the Participant is late for the beginning of the workshop
    • the Participant behaves in a way that disturbs the lesson or annoys other Participants
  • Conflicts and fights. Any conflict or dispute between Participants, Speakers and Volunteers must be conducted in a civilized manner. Any verbal aggression, especially discriminatory and any physical aggression, will be punished with the immediate removal of the person from the Conference and its referral to the board of the Association.
  • Dresscode. Conference and parties are events without dresscode. This means that you can dress normally and participate without any problem. During workshops we recommend comfortable clothing that allows to perform the necessary exercises.
  • Nudity. You can be naked in the playing areas and classrooms, but not in areas opened to general public, especially in the registration area. It is considered a good hygienic rule to take with you a towel to use on chairs or other places where you intend to sit.
  • Sex. The Conference and play parties take place within a hotel. The hotel staff could access for reasons of service to areas of the Conference, therefore we invite all Participants to use the hotel rooms, just a few seconds away, for their sexual intercourses.
  • Materials needed. As far as possible we included descriptions of each workshop and materials that Participants must have with them. We invite you to examine them and bring the equipment you plan to use during workshops and activities. In fact it’s better to use persona ropes, whips, etc, to ensure hygiene. We invite all Partecipants to bring their own yoga/gym mat (the Organizator will bring several available for anyone who needs them, but probably not enough for all Participants) and a towel. When in doubt, check with the Secretary or directly with the Presenters if some workshops require special equipment (eg. Cigars for Cigar Play workshop, leather boots and shine for the boot blacking class, etc).
  • Cameras and photographic devices. All cameras and photographic devices are prohibited in the areas of the Conference, including classrooms, common areas and bathrooms. If found, will be retained by the security of the event or, in case of refusal to return the unit, the Participant will be removed from the Conference. An authorized photographer will be eventually available to take pictures in a dedicated area. If you want to take pictures of yourself, you have to take them in your room or in the hotel lobby.
  • Cellular phones. Mobile phones must be switched to silent at all times within the areas of the Conference. Only members of the Organisation are authorized to use cell phones when necessary for their task. If you need to be available for work or family demands, however, keep the phone in silent mode. If you receive a call or a text message, you have to leave the Conference area before using your mobile phone to answer or send messages. This is a very important rule to safeguard the privacy of all Participants.

    • NO. No use of mobile phones in the play area, classrooms or in the common areas of the Conference.
      No photo or video in any area of the Conference. No ringer on.
    • YES. The use of mobile phones (calls and text messages) is allowed outside of the Conference area.
  • Soliciting. Requesting, offering and/or accepting money for sexual services is illegal in Italy. This includes BDSM, Domination and submission services and professional “personal training” of erotic nature, even if the payment happen outside the Conference. Soliciting is forbidden and offenders will be expelled from the event without refund.
  • Weapons. Firearms, explosives, fireworks instruments, stunt guns, cattle prods are not permitted. Knives are allowed if the blade is shorter than 6cm (2 ¼ in) and they must be kept in a bag and not carried on the person when not in use during a scene. Reproductions and toy guns (not able to shoot) wich are copies of real weapons as firearms, swords and knives are permitted, but must be kept in their bag when not in use during a scene. Each Partecipant is responsible for carring any of those items in the play area, as well as for their custody.
  • Alcohol and illegal drugs. Consumption of alcohol is allowed during the Conference, but it is preferable to greatly limit its consumption. The possession and use of any type of illegal drugs is prohibited in all areas of the venues of the Conference (illegal drugs do not include the ones use for medical purposes, but we require Partecipants to inform the Organization and any potential play partner about their use, effects and possible complications). Anyone in an obvious state of drunkenness / or alteration or found in possession of any type of illegal drug will be expelled without refund. Having sex or doing BDSM with a person intoxicated with alchool or drugs might be liable to a charge for personal violence or rape. The Organizators encourage all the Partecipants to not start a scene with someone who drank alcohol or used drugs. In simple words: if your condition do not allow you to legally drive a car, we don’t think you’re able to do BDSM in a safe and consensual way.
  • Legal drugs and medications. If you take drugs or medications that might have an influence on your mood, lucidity, assessment capability, risk evaluation, please inform the Organization beforehand (including showing us a medical prescription and giving us proper information about how to treat medical emergencies) and always talk to your play partner beforehand and decide together whether and how starting and conducting a scene. If you think that your medications and drugs can lead you to a situation where your judgment or physical reactions might be somehow impaired, we strongly suggest you always require the assistance of a friend as a spotter in your scene.
  • Food and drinks. The hotel has a bar, a restaurant and a vending machines area. It is allowed to bring in drinks and snacks but we recommemd to eat them preferably outside the classrooms and during breaks.
  • Food allergies and intolerances. Anyone with special needs regarding food is invited to contact the Secreatary to promptly communicate needs and to allow the Organization to provide for this.
  • Smoke. smoking is forbidden in every classroom and in the areas of the Dungeon Conference. Everybody who desire to smoke will have to do so in the smoking area.
  • Health problems. Participants with known health problems must declare those conditions at the time of recording and alert their play partner before starting a scene.
  • Medical safety. Volunteers of the Conference and the employees of the location, security officers Medical may be present at all times to ensure a safe environment at our event. All Participants in the Conference are invited to cooperate and follow their directions, vice versa will be expelled from the event without refund.
  • Dungeon service. Collaborators who help as Dungeon service for security of the Conference are also their BDSMer, who are committed because everyone can have an enjoyable experience. Feel free to contact them for any need or information, but do not consider them as Dungeons Monitor which must look at you when you play your shoulders. If you need assistance during a scene, ask someone you trust to help you. In this way the Volunteers on duty during the play parties will be available for everyone.
  • Hospitality of the location. Remember that we are in a rented space and we want to be welcome in the future. Do not damage any part of the premises, have respect for the staff of the location at all times and remember that they are very likely to be vanilla.