Conference’s FAQ

FAQ for Partecipants

Is it possible to change the name of my partner?

We will be able to change the name of your partner with another one with no charge before we physically issue the membership card for that person, but keep in mind that this process will begin from the end of january and should be completed within one week from the beginning of the event.
If the change has to be made after the membership card has been actually issued, we will ask for the cost of a new card (5 euro).


Will my Conference pass and AKA membership card be shipped to my address?

No, we won’t.

Although we are happy if someone is completely open with their lifestyle, we know that most aren’t. So we won’t take the risk and will not send envelopes with tickets randomly.

You will collect them at the Conference registration desk, upon showing your ID.

If I buy the tickets in advance, will I be able to sell them/pass them to someone else if I won’t be able to attend?

YES. You will be allowed to transfer your tickets to someone else. The new ticket-holder(s) will have to apply for their AKA membership (and pay 5 Euro each). It is not allowed to sell the tickets for a higher price than what you paid them for.
You’ll need to contact us and give the name/email address of the new ticketholders, so that we will be able to send them a link to fill out the form with all the required personal data.
Transfering tickets will be possible until January 18th 2016.

I’m a foreigner and I want to purchase the tickets but I’m not sure who my partner will be. What can I do?

In the case you want to purchase your tickets now (ie to take advantage of the early bird special price) but you’re not yet sure with whom you’ll be travelling, no problem. You can input your name and email twice, as the main attendee and as your own partner.
We will always treat the second email as a person for whom you’re willing to pay the membership and the admission ticket and we will alwasy contact said person in order to get all the personal info. This means that if you put your name twice, we will still treat the second “yourself” as your partner and we will therefore send YOU an email with a link to a dedicated form where to fill all the personal data and information. You will have to forward that email to your future partner and he will have to fill the form. This form has to be filled and sent not later than a few days before the beginning of the conference, in order to give us enough time for the proper registration. The later your “partner” fills the form the later he will actually become a member of the AKA association, but that’s it.
So you’ll have plenty of time to find a friend to come there with.


FAQ for Presenters

I want to travel with my partner. Will you cover her travel/hotel expenses?

At the moment it’s not possible for us to cover travel/hotel expenses for Presenters’ partners. We know that sucks. However there are some ways that might make it possible.

If the cost of both travel tickets is within the maximum costs stated in the Presenters’ Guidelines and Rules or if you’re willing to cover the cost above that limit, we might consider that. Please note that both hotel costs and meals for your partner will be still on you.

If there is any specific reason for which you can give your classes with your partner only (ie classes where your need a fluid bonded partner), please explain the reasons for that in the Comments’ field at the end of your form. We will take your needs into account and make our evaluations case by case.

If your partner is able to give classes on her own, we would gladly receive her application and evaluate them aswell so that you could come both as presenters.

Where can I find some guidelines?

At the beginning of the Presenters’ application form you’ll find our Guidelines that will cover most aspects of your partecipation to the Conference, from evaluation criteria to travel expenses.

You can download them here.

In case you have any questions or doubts, please contact us at


FAQ for Volunteers

Can I be a Volunteer even if I’m not Italian?

The Conference’s official languages are English AND Italian. So if you’re able to speak at least one of them, you can definitely be a Volunteer. Moreover there are many areas where language is not an issue and all you need is just a positive attitude and a great smile!

Fill out the online form to apply as a Volunteer.